Mae self portrait_cropped

(Self portrait)

Mae Prynce is a somewhat grumpy recluse who doesn’t like to talk directly to most people, and therefore sometimes speaks of herself in the third person, even on the Internet. She lives somewhere in the Los Angeles area.

She is also the creator of “Iris and the Ghosts of the Twin Towers,” an in-progress graphic novel about an angry 10-year old girl who goes to live with her uncle in Chicago during her parents’ divorce. She is NOT Iris, but can understand why you might think so.

Other projects she’s currently working on include:

  • Science Brunch, a podcast of irreverent but hopefully informative conversation about famous scientists and their discoveries, and
  • Little Pioneer on the Prairie, an account of the American pioneers’  brutal 19th-century life on the prairie from the perspective of an irrepressibly cheerful 6-year old girl.

Though not recommended, you may contact her via gmail (maeprynce).