Things go here

This is where my stuff will go, whenever I get around to posting it.

For several years, I’ve slowly been writing and drawing a graphic novel about an angry 10-year old girl who goes to live with her uncle in Chicago during her parents’ divorce. It’s entitled “Iris and the Ghosts of the Twin Towers” and someday it will live here in digital form instead of merely languishing in an old briefcase under my desk. At least, that’s the plan. My biggest problem is getting distracted by side projects, like this one.

In the meantime, I’ve teamed up with an artist friend (Katie McKissick, creator of Beatrice the Biologist) to do a podcast called Science Brunch about famous scientists whom we all know by name but don’t necessarily remember much about. Katie is much better at completing projects in a timely manner and posting them online, so our first episode will be up very soon. I’ll be sure to post it here as well to give the impression that I’m accomplishing something!

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